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Visual Effects Video Tutorials

As a member of several online computer graphics communities, a few opportunities have come up that allowed me to create some video tutorials. Descriptions and links to the download threads are all listed below, just click on the picture to go get whichever one you want.

All of them are posted at, and all of them are either for Adobe After Effects and/or Autodesk 3dsMax.

If you have any ideas for an After Effects tutorial or a 3dsMax tutorial, please email it to me by clicking HERE. But, before you do, Google it. And you may want to check the websites of Andrew Kramer, CreativeCow, Allan McKay, Tyson Ibele, and/or Pete Draper first. You’ll probably find it there.


Rotoscoping Tools in After Effects

Rotoscoping is a pain, and AE gets a really bad rap for it’s rotoing tools. In this video, I try to show ALL of the options available to you when using the roto tools in AE, including using basic tracking to help out.

Roto-tracking and screen replacement

Most people think applying tracking data to your individual mask vertices in AE is impossible, but it is not, as long as you’re using an incredible script that’s available for FREE.

Using Planar Tracking to help Roto

Imagineer Systems MOTOR uses a technique called planar tracking to help you roto alot faster. In this video, I show how to do the same thing in AE.

Basic 2D tracking

If you’ve never used tracking before, I show how to do it in this tutorial. I also use a FREE script to show you how to get more accurate tracks by averaging multiple tracks together.

Basic CG DV compositing

I show some basic techniques for doing simple integration of a CG element into a DV video. (In this tutorial, I explain field averaging as a technique to make your video look better. This is WRONG! I’ve learned the right way since making this tutorial, which you can find HERE.)

Basic Expressions

I’m no master of expressions in AE, but after seeing a live demo of a few simple ones, I made a couple quicky tutorials to share how they work.

Lightwrap and Edge Blur

Using some sample images from the Foundry (they make Keylight), I show some simple techniques for doing these two essential compositing skills. There are many other ways to do these same things. I just show one way.

Stylized Film Looks without Plug-ins

The standard tools in AE are all you need to copy the looks of your favorite movies. I show how to make your footage look like “Sin City”, “Pitch Black”, and “Underworld”. Hopefully, after watching these, you’ll understand the color tools enough to make whatever look you want.

Reflection removal

Removing the reflection of the set lights in the picture behind this actor. You don’t want to be rotoing hair, and I show you how to avoid doing it.

Basic Splitscreening

Exactly what it says, basic splitscreening. Nothing fancy, although you should start to understand how to use rotoscoping to allow multiple copies of yourself to interact with each other.

Person Vanishing in Smoke

Using both 2D and 3D techniques, I make a friend of mine vanish, dissolving in smoke.

Camera Mapping

I grabbed a picture from the internet and turned it into a 3D scene.

Floating Text in AE

Have you ever seen those commercials where little text messages seem to be floating over peoples heads (or other body parts)? Well, here I show you how to quickly get some text stuck above the head of someone who goes walking by the camera.


AE Render Fail Override

If your render keeps failing before finishing, go to the Preferences pulldown menu, and hold down SHIFT while you click on the word "General". Then, when the usual preferences panel pops up, click the "Previous" button. Then just check the “Disable Layer Cache” box and enter a number of frames.

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